I wish you looked at me again.
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I thought I was over you. I was so sure and thought you were just a part of my past and nothing else. But yesterday I realize I miss you so bad. There are so many bad things that should prevail over the good things that happened in our relationship and that is what I need to put in the first place, but it seems like I just can’t. Yesterday I realized I might never ever get over you. And it makes me feel like an absolute shit. Year in a half later, year and a half after you left me hanging with no explanation where did I go wrong I’m still stuck in the same web. Well fuck this! So unfair! I want my life back and I want it now.

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Imagine reading a book of all the lies you’’ve ever told.
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Dear God almighty, I never expected I could be anyone’s favorite blog actually! Lots of hugs back to ya xx

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